'De Block Consultant'

  • is working as a consultant for hospitals and clinics, as well as for architects and technical consulting engineers.
  • fulfills an initiating and mediating role as a project consultant and intermediary. Hence, he delivers a valuable contribution to the set-up and implementation of the design and lay-out of the OR and CSSD.

Alexander de Block is trained in the practice of the OR, as a technical assistant, RN and OR-Manager.
Practical know-how, combined with the technical expertise gained in more than 50 OR and CSSD projects since the year 2000, guarantees a unique and strong combination in translating demands and possibilities into innovative and integral concepts.

His interest lies in the fields of planning and design, traffic patterns and supply chain management, (technical) equipment and risk analysis, contamination control and infection prevention.

He worked close together with the former 'Netherlands Board for Hospital Facilities' in creating Guidelines for Operating Rooms (2004). He also contributed in the VCCN guidelines for Operating Rooms (2005; 2014) and Central sterilization Departments (2019).

Starting in 1994 Alexander publicized in professional Dutch magazines on many OR and CSSD topics. He addressed (inter)national audiences (including ICCCS) of up to 400 participants and since 2017 organizes his own Congress named ‘Total OR Congress’.

He works closely together with colleague ‘Competence Experts’ IN DHS (Dutch Healthcare Society), a national ‘Experts Network Company’. More information on this: