Central Sterilization


Design, construction and operation of a Central Sterilizing Department

As is already the case with OR’s, it is to be expected that the equipment, optimal (hygienic) usage and management of the CSSD facility will be subject to tighter demands in the near future.

The architectural design, technical installations and equipment, but especially sound logistics within the CSSD as well as in connection with other departments, are of essential importance for the CSSD.

When an external independent consultant starts exchanging ideas, he often experiences that the already-developed architectural concept is mostly guiding the discussion about the use of this expensive facility. Users often experience this as being a bottleneck, since the actual thinking process about practical use now starts after spaces are more or less fixed. This leaves fewer opportunities for innovative ideas.

Another approach is setting up a ‘user’s manual’ on a hygienic and logistic basis in advance. In other words: describing how work will be arranged in the new situation and what resources and spaces will be needed. After these starting points have been set, the programme of requirements will be drawn up and a first blueprint will be made.

'De Block Consultant' can play an initiating and mediating role in this process, as an independent expert and project manager.